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Postby Dave » Mon Dec 16, 2019 12:22 am

Doogie, the younger of my 2 cocker spaniels will be 11 years old, Friday Dec 20, 2019. Happy birthday young man! Take note that he has a white nugget of food stuck to his fur in front. How did he miss that treat?

Doogie has glaucoma and is unfortunately blind in his right eye. He is getting eye drops in both eyes. In the normal left eye we are trying to prevent glaucoma and keep the eye ball pressure normal. With the right eye, we are trying to keep the eye ball pressure normal. So far the drops are doing what the vet wants to see. Oh, even with only one good eye he is more active than Bailee.

Tidbits: my 2 dogs are from two different breeders of pure bred cockers. Doogie came to us via a breeder down in Kansas, about 500 miles away. Bailee was from a breeder up the river in Winona, MN., about 25 miles upstream.



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Re: Dave's Blog

Postby Beth » Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:35 pm

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Re: Dave's Blog

Postby Admin » Mon Feb 27, 2023 5:18 am

I have terribly sad news concerning Doogie, my younger dog.... He passed away in his sleep about 1:30 Tuesday after noon Feb 21, 2023...He had a long fight with Ear cancer...amazingly he lived almost another 14 months after the diagnosis of cancer...and never whined about his condition...just kept on keeping on...what a wonderful role model...Doogie was born Dec 20, 2008...so he was with us a little more than 14 years plus 2 months...he will be missed more than I can say...RIP my man Doog !!!

Oh, my other dog Bailee, likely also has cancer...she is 16,...diagnosis with no special tests being conducted yet...the vet says she has cancer of the mammory glands...but after 3 months or so...she hasn't slowed down one little bit...I may ask the vet to run a couple tests to confirm his diagnosis...he ran a white cell count on Doogie...it was real high...and he also ran an anemia test on Doogie...not good at all

OH, my 2nd sister also died last year...Sarah of pancreas cancer...Unfortunately it was a fast spreading cancer and chemo didn't work...she was 68...RIP sis.

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